At Kingdom B, we combine our passion for creativity to years of experience in Marketing and Business Development, in order to build brand awareness and engagement for our clients, helping them to monetize their ideas and projects, in today’s competitive and exciting marketplace.

Since 2010, we actively access our global network of leading professionals and creative types to establish collaborations between Brands and Projects, worldwide. 

Amongst our current projects are The Nantucket Project - an Ideas company, The Daily Beast - a Digital News Publisher, Scenester Projects - an Experiential Marketing agency, Xclv.Club - a new Retail & Influencers App, Zero Gravity Colony - a futuristic gathering concept, La Route Des Palmiers - a Tunisian Art Oasis project, and more.


Our Mission

To help people and companies to become better versions of themselves, and we believe the only way to do that is through collaboration - sharing ideas, time, expertise, tools and passion. 

The entrepreneurs of this era are going to challenge the biggest industries in the world, and those that most affect our daily lives.
— Steve Case, The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future

Who am I?


Born and raised in Brazil, I have lived and worked in the US and Europe, often operating as a liaison between the three regions.

With a BBA in Int’l Management, a minor in Contemporary Art, and an MBA in Marketing, from Pace University in NY and La Universite Paris-Sorbonne, I am fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian

I am a citizen of Brazil, the US, and the EU, and I consider airplanes as some of my closest and dearest friends.

  • BANBUK - World Traveler, a gamified social media platform
  • Barton G's VAULT - an Events company mastering "The Art of Being Social"
  • PLUM TV - a Hyperlocal TV station
  • INTERVIEW Magazine - Andy Warhol's biggest living project
  • Maxim and - reaching 20% of Men 18-25 in the USA
  • MediaCom - Head of LVMH business (35 divisions)
  • Lipman Advertising - BURBERRY